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APCO Equipment is working to keep you working as we navigate through these unprecedented times together. Together we

do more – more for our communities and more for our country.


Your work in our community helps to keep it thriving. You are building and maintaining critical local, state and Federal infrastructure. And, you are keeping the private properties that form our neighborhoods and communities safe and livable.


Our industry and our dealership employees have been identified as “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” for Infrastructure Support by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. We take this important designation to heart.


In response, we will remain open whenever possible to serve and support your needs, while continuing to do our part to limit the further spread of COVID-19 following the recommendations from local health departments and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We maintain a safe and clean facility, and our staff is dedicated to practicing social distancing with your health in mind.


We will do our best to be flexible, working with you over the phone, via email or in person to support your parts, service, finance, and equipment needs.


We’re working to keep you working. Contact Us Today (702) 871-7474 to see how we can help.


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